Z, female, poland.
moody, ironical, pesimist, sociopathic, indecisive.
depression and eating disorders.
spanish&portuguese language, christie, pratchett, larsson, zafón, grey's anatomy, gossip girl, skins, house, real madrid, spanish&german NTs.
i've been growing up with harry potter, collecting pokemons, watching "step by step", wearing pink leggins and eating m&m's. i've never really grown up.
i swear in foreign languages. i judge people by their appearance. i bite skin around my nails. i'm not perfect.

1. i ate too much cake.

2. my mum said she was proud of how i was eating today (so i ate too much).

3. real madrid losing to levante.

4. it’s 2:0 for betis. athletic, por favor, don’t.

5. my uncle having this gorgeous htc with big screen and gingerbread and i’m still with my awful flipout.

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