Z, female, poland.
moody, ironical, pesimist, sociopathic, indecisive.
depression and eating disorders.
spanish&portuguese language, christie, pratchett, larsson, zafón, grey's anatomy, gossip girl, skins, house, real madrid, spanish&german NTs.
i've been growing up with harry potter, collecting pokemons, watching "step by step", wearing pink leggins and eating m&m's. i've never really grown up.
i swear in foreign languages. i judge people by their appearance. i bite skin around my nails. i'm not perfect.

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And you realize you have been singing the wrong words the whole time:

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Ai Se Eu Te Pego (Assim Voce Me Mata) - Michel Teló

take it away, please…

i’ve been singing this with my friend. em voz alta. while my portuguese teacher was looking at us. ai.

gaspard menier. mon dieu.
picspam is so coming.

gaspard menier. mon dieu.

picspam is so coming.

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RM: Arbeloa’s Bwin Interview Photos (10.21.11)


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